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Go See: Yoskay Yamamoto @ LeBasse Projects

Familiar Strangers  The Art of Yoskay Yamamoto 

Familiar Strangers marks Yoskay's third exhibition at LeBasse Projects and represents a breakthrough in work as he experiments with mixed media paintings and sculpture in several mediums.  Being a lover of both, I decided to take off on my lunch break, jump on the Culver City bus and check it out. 

Yoskay's paintings depict some of his iconic imagery while adding new depth with a thematic use of flowers most notably in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  The most impressive installations are the 'Astro Boy' inspired heads shown in the front and back of the gallery. Made of metal and black resin, each sculpture is identical, looks in the same direction, while equal distance from one another.  Did I mention how heavy the metal ones are?  Beau Basse was kind enough to let me hold one in my hands and the weight was definitely more than what I was expecting.  The metal sculpture weighed in at about 10 lbs according to Beau.  At the time I visited the gallery, all the metal pieces were sold and a small handful of the black resin ones were available.  Hmmm... they would make a great installation in my apartment, don't you think? 

Familiar Strangers runs until July 10th.  To learn more about Yoskay Yomamoto and his art, visit http://yoskay.com/home.html.  For more information about LeBasse Projects, visit http://www.lebasseprojects.com/.

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