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A Gathering for the Lunch Bunch

Talented Artists Giving to a Noteworthy Cause

 It all started back in January when WWA gallery proudly presented a group show curated by CJ Metzger & Miss Mindy entitled Trappings.  The show featured a slew of talented ladies including: Celene, Dee Chavez, Tina Darling, Su Moon, Jeni Yang, Lesley Reppeteaux, and the Artists Sisters themselves. Throughout the evening, the artists got together to collaborate on a painting that once finished would be donated to the Lunch Bunch charity art auction with hopes of raising money for their honorable cause: feeding the homeless of Los Angeles.  The collaboration proved too ambitious of a project to complete at the show, so the artists laid the foundation for the painting, and then rendezvoused at Miss Mindy's pad over the next few months to complete it.

The painting is a big one (3 1/2 feet long)!  To finish it, the ladies worked hard in-between their art shows and day jobs, but man was it well worth the wait.  This piece is stunning and displays each artist's unique individuality while simultaneously complimenting one another's style.  In honor of their weekly get togethers to work on the piece, these generous ladies have named it The Gathering.  Quite fitting, indeed.  Below, are some pics of the artists creating The Gathering courtesy of Miss Mindy.  

Now The Gathering is in the hands of Lunch Bunch.  Lunch Bunch is the brain child of two best friends, Los Angeles artist Ana Bagayan and Meridyth MacDonald, who get together every Sunday to create healthy and nutritious meals for Los Angeles' homeless.  The contents may vary, but each meal consists of a sandwich, bottled water, a fruit, and two snacks.  Their charity relies on individual donations and an ebay art auction held annually to fund their endeavor.  Once a year, artists generously donate original artwork, prints, vinyl toys, etc. where they're auctioned off starting at a low bid of $20.  The Gathering is one of many pieces donated this year.  There's also artwork by Amy Sol, Tiffany Liu, Joshua Petker, Scott Musgrove, and Brandi Milne just to name a few.  The auction is coming to a close soon, so be sure to check it out, acquire a piece of art (or two), and help feed the homeless of Los Angeles.  Many thanks to all the talented and generous artists who donate their work, special thanks to Lunch Bunch who take care of those in need, and thank you to all the bidders who graciously provide funding for their cause!

To check out Lunch Bunch's ebay auction, visit here.  For more information about Lunch Bunch, check out their blog.

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