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Spotlight On: Artist THH70

THH70 is a pseudonym for an LA-based artist whose work focuses on double entendres within popular tag lines. The result is a strange, witty, visual twist on famous quotes and catch phrases, with a result that's both familiar and jarring at the same time. Recognized for his unique artistic approach that he has branded "Lo-Fi Urban Contemporary", THH70 combines crude painterly techniques and uses materials and media (from acrylics and spray paint to household products like Windex and bleach) with his own style of raw, yet detailed illustration and stream-of-consciousness linguistics. His upcoming exhibit, Some of Its Parts, at Hold Up Art marks his return to Los Angeles and continues his exploration of text and technique.   After spending the last 4 years exhibiting outside of Los Angeles, I want the show to be a homecoming of sorts: to display the evolution of my work since I last presented it here, but to also do it in a way where I could include the work of several artists whose individual style has remnants of the overall feel of the paintings I create, in essence being ‘parts’ of my ‘whole’. ‘some of its parts’ is that show, and I’m thrilled to be able to unleash it at Hold UP Art. ~ THH70 THH70's work is crude, challenging, and abrasive...and I can't keep my eyes off it. Be sure to check out his first LA exhibit in almost four years March 5th at Hold Up Art.   

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