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Looking forward to: Gary Baseman @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

It's been two long years since Gary Baseman last graced us with a show, but what a show it was. His mind-blowing art extravaganza La Noche de la Fusion was not just a celebration of his work, but a full blown integration of his visionary style with the living, breathing culture that loves his every brush stroke. The event, which included carnival games, Chou Chou masks and shirts, dancing, left the two impressions that every artist desires most: utter satisfaction followed by the craving for more. Two years we've waited since.      First the good news: the wait is finally over. On March 5th Gary will present his latest work at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The bad news (for me) is that the show's in New York. On the bright side, Gary was kind enough to invite me into his studio about a month ago to see some concepts for the upcoming show: Walking Through Walls. I was naturally impressed with the introspective approach he's adopted for this latest collection. If his last show was for the world out there, this one addresses the world within.    Since the loss of his father a year ago, Gary's been contemplating life and his place in the art scene, which compelled him to push artistic boundaries by experimenting with silkscreen and a somber color palette. The result is still Baseman, but with dark and melancholic overtones that aptly reflects his inner turmoil and continues upon his fixation with vintage photographs featuring masks, disguises, and costumes. Lastly, collectors and admirers alike have a new character to look forward to, but I'll say no more.    All you lucky New Yorkers and New York visitors, make sure to check out Gary's latest work at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.  You're in for a treat! And if you take some photos of the event, I would love it if you sent some my way!


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