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Looking forward to: Camille Rose Garcia @ Michael Kohn Gallery

I am so looking forward to Camille Rose Garcia's upcoming show Snow White and the Black Lagoon. Drawing inspiration from the Brothers Grimm, Camille uses the classic story of Snow White as an allegory about our relationship with nature and the 'fairy tales' we tell to mask our role in its destruction.    A child of bohemian parents, Camille grew up surrounded by the Orange County culture of Disneyland and punk rock shows. Both influences have been expanded upon significantly with her easily identifiable style. By blending early Fleischer and Disney Cartoons with biting satire, she simultaneously exudes modernity and nostalgia.   Garcia's understanding on the destructive nature of modern civilation in her latest body of work is credited to her fairly recent move from urban Los Angeles to the Redwood Forests of Northern California.   Snow White and the Black Lagoon opens this Saturday, March 12th at Michael Kohn Gallery. See you there!

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