Welcome to the latest art to emerge from the contemporary visionaries as seen through the eyes of Platinum Cheese. 

Go See: James Jean | Rebus @ Martha Otero Gallery

If you're one of the few people who hasn't checked out James Jean's latest exhibit at Martha Otero Gallery, then get in your car and drive to West Hollywood ASAP to see Rebus, an awe-inspiring collection of large-scale paintings depicting romantic deities in a colorful decaying setting. The feeling is antiquity meets contemporary as James brilliantly blends art history with his unique style of abstract expressionism. I found myself having to step back and re-center in order to fully absorb the abstract nature of the works and then moving closer to appreciate the detailed images. Two words: mind-blowing.  The solidity of the paint belies the illusory nature of the narrative: these excavations into the subconscious are fraught with the misfires, inconsistencies, and contradictions of a dream. ~James Jean   Also on display are multiple ink drawings (one of which was featured on the cover of Juxtapoz's December issue) and an edition of elegant silk scarves. With each piece as beautiful as the next, you're sure to spend time in their visual complexities. Show runs until April 30th.


James Jean 004

James Jean 003

James Jean | Hounds

James Jean 026

James Jean 014

James Jean | Tiger

James Jean detail Tiger

James Jean | Placenta

James Jean | Sprinkler

James Jean 016

James Jean | Goat

James Jean 008

James Jean 009

James Jean 012

James Jean 007

James Jean 013

James Jean Drawing

James Jean | Virgin

James Jean | Akaname

Patrick Martinez "Hustlemania" @ Known Gallery

Camille Rose Garcia | Snow White & the Black Lagoon @ Michael Kohn Gallery