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Henry Lewis & Adam Wallacavage | The Absence of Light & Dreamhome Heartaches @ Corey Helford Gallery

Henry Lewis and Adam Wallacavage brought a lot of energy and a huge crowd to Corey Helford during their joint solo shows, The Absence of Light and Dreamhome Heartaches.  Coupling Henry's dark fantasy paintings with Adam's brightly colored whimsical chandeliers may not initially seem like a natural pairing, but in fact they complimented one another to a"T".  Though vastly different in medium and style, both artists depict imaginary creatures and images in bold, masculine hues.  It was as if the gallery was transformed into a gentlemen's lodge from antiquity.


These self-made fantasy scenes, though dark at first glance, react with humor towards the past, free of apathy, and curiosity of the future. ~ Henry Lewis

Enjoy the photos from opening night below. Also, check out Amanda Erlanson's interview with Henry Lewis and an interview with Adam Wallacavage by Sleepboy.


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