Welcome to the latest art to emerge from the contemporary visionaries as seen through the eyes of Platinum Cheese. 

Go See: beinArt Surreal Collective | Dystopia @ Copro Gallery

Chaos and ruin. Technological trends corrupting. Deformation, anatomical abnormalities, degradation and displacement. Whether related to the human body and spirit or the human environment, it is the 'anti' utopia.

A few weeks ago, Copro Gallery and beinArt Surreal Collective presented Dystopia where each artist presented their own interpretation of human misery and despair. Whether figuratively or more literally, the viewer is placed in a fictional world where personal and societal fears can be explored.

To entice all you art lovers, Copro is having a closing party this Saturday, April 2, 2:00 -7:00 PM. There will be added artwork not seen at the opening along with food and drinks. Enjoy the images below, but be sure to see the entire show in person. Show runs until April 9th.

'Round the Hood: D*Face Mural @ Corey Helford

Henry Lewis & Adam Wallacavage | The Absence of Light & Dreamhome Heartaches @ Corey Helford Gallery