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Spotlight On: Artist JoKa

Tongue-in-cheek humor is of the essence in the work of Philadelphia based artist JoKa. With themes of sex, violence, and beauty cleverly illustrated through pop culture imagery, JoKa's twisted reality is an overwhelming delight not to be taken too seriously. Equally as mind-blowing is to learn that JoKa creates all his art with toothpicks, a technique he refers to as "hyperpointillism". In the vein of 19th century masters like Seurat or Paul Signac, JoKa paints tiny, distinct dots of pure color in patterns that when viewed from a distance forms an image.  

Knowing JoKa's meticulous method, it intrigued me to learn of the Russian Nesting dolls he created as part of the upcoming group show at Rothick art haus, titled Doll Haus: The Modern Matryoska.  JoKa was kind enough to send over a few photos (below) documenting the progression of the dolls. As with the majority of his works, a pattern was incorporated on each doll and I can only imagine the painstaking process involved. In hindsight he wishes he had chosen a less complex one, however the end result is very striking.

I try to keep all my work in the same vein of humor. For the dolls, my only forethought was to try to keep the main image on one side so it could be easily viewed. That and wanting them to progress to a punch line on the final doll. ~ JoKa

If you're in the Anaheim area, be sure to stop by Rothick art haus and view the work in person. If Southern California's too much of a trek, check out a small show preview here. You can also see Joka next month at Gallery 1988's upcoming group show 3B.  JoKa will have three pieces on display which he affectionately calls "Pioneers of 80's Space & Time Travel".



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