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Looking forward to: Judith Supine @ New Image Art Gallery

Judith Supine's latest exhibition, Ladyboy,  features the artist's newest and most ambitious work to date, showcasing more than twenty canvases and large-scale woodcut sculptures up to fourteen feet high. Judith has transformed the entire gallery into a personal installation space, covering every inch of floor, wall and ceiling with silk-screened wallpaper, his signature fluorescent colors and dreamlike narratives.

Inspired by an encounter with a ladyboy in Bangkok, the title of the exhibit references the "genderqueer" where Judith explains the titles's significance as "the marriage of opposites in one person - comparable to the technique of collage, combining seemingly disparate images to reveal something that wasn't previously apparent".

Ladyboy opens Wednesday, April 13th at New Image Art. So, mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen. It promises to be one hell of a ride.




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