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Spotlight On: Artist Rudy Fig

Welcome to a supple world of rich pop bohemian splendor! Inspired by the many combinations of flavors and colors in the world of patisserie arts, Rudy Fig paints a candy coated world of frolicking nymphs and enchanted forests. Rudy describes her work as "An ever changing, personal and subconscious response to her life experience and surroundings..."  The result is a whimsical, psychedelic, feminine, and sometimes macabre world that is brimming with color and oozing with magic. 

Her work was recently featured at The Hive's 6 year Anniversary show and will be there for a while still.  You can catch Rudy Fig again at CAVE gallery on May 13th alongside Anthony Clarkson, Chet Zar, JoKa, Paul Chatem, and Tina Darling for the gallery's 3 year anniversary show.

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