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Go See: Van Arno | The Minstrel Cycle @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Pushing the human figure to extremes is the basis of artist Van Arno's intense aesthetic, and his latest exhibit at Jonathan LeVine Gallery tests the limits of contemporary art itself by emphasizing that more is always better. The Minstrel Cycle features a series of seven large multi-figure oil paintings of twisted (often nude) muscular bodies, presented via themes of African-American history, pop culture, folklore, and mysticism.   I attempt to paint the archetypical moment of clarity and passion. Imagery must be made exciting and alive. Rules of lighting, anatomy, gravity and physics must be bent or broken to make the picture LOUD. That is the ultimate goal of my work. ~ Van Arno

Be sure to check out The Minstrel Cycle at Jonathan LeVine if you're in New York this week. Show runs until May 14th.   





All images courtesy of Jonathan LeVine Gallery.


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