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Crash, Freedom, & Risk | Blurring the Lines @ Corey Helford Gallery

The month of April was a whirlwind of street art shows in the city of angels--all centering around MoCA's highly anticipated and controversial Art in the Streets exhibit. As a precursor to MoCA, Culver City's Carmichael Gallery featured the godmother of street photography, Martha Cooper, along side legendary and contemporary street artists reinterpreting her iconic work of New York street life. Over in West Hollywood New Image Art presented the mega intense psychedelic imagery of Brooklyn based Judith Supine to an enraptured crowd.    Meanwhile it was back in Culver City, at Corey Helford Gallery, where street-art was given not one but two distinct nods in the month of April. The gallery jump started the month by celebrating British street artist D*Face's American debut: Going Nowhere Fast. D*Face's tongue in cheek assessment of our obsession with death and pop culture turned heads.    But that was only the beginning. CHG closed the month by honoring three graffiti pioneers, Crash, Freedom, and Risk, in a show appropriately titled Blurring the Lines curated by Roger Gastman. Though Crash, Freedom, and Risk are recognized in MoCA's overwhelming Art in the Streets extravaganza, CHG provided a more intimate setting to view the works of these legendary forerunners of East and West coast graffiti.   Crash (John Matos) began his career tagging subway cars and dilapated buildings eventually transferring his art to canvas showing in museums worldwide and becoming recognized as a fine artist. His work is bold, colorful, and representative of '80 graffiti. Freedom (Chris Pape) is best know for his Freedom Tunnel work, an eclectic series of paintings and drawings depicting the homeless. He recreated these works with a self-portrait series of a witty (a very suggestive) spray paint can wrapped in a leather jacket. Risk (Kelly Graval) has impacted the evolution of graffiti and pushed the limits further than any street-artist in Los Angeles. He presented one of the evening highlights with his signature tag set against a canvas of license plates.   Blurring the Lines is a dynamic intersection of legendary East and West coast writers, where the lines that divide urban art and the new contemporary fine art world converge. If you're in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by Corey Helford to check it out. Show runs until May 18th.



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