Welcome to the latest art to emerge from the contemporary visionaries as seen through the eyes of Platinum Cheese. 

New Masters @ Subliminal Projects

For this exciting month of May, Subliminal Projects features the work of eight artists rendering the classical human figure set in a modern context. Considered the New Masters of contemporary art, each artist invokes the feeling of the 'Old Master's' technique with a contemporary approach in various mediums (oil, acrylic, bronze sculpture, collage, and pastels) demonstrating their heightened ability to understand and interpret their subjects.   Mary Jane Ansell presents etchings of incredibly detailed renderings of the human form. Sean Cheetham has a gift for presenting alternative-looking people in a very formal, classical way and graces viewers with portraits of fellow artists Natalia Fabia and Chantel Menard, and of himself. Known for his Popaganda imagery, Ron English shows a more reserved, yet refined side with a portrait of a boy with helmet and sword. Benjamin Bryce Kelley conveys haunted human emotion through his bronze sculptures of skinless beings of stretched muscles and ligaments. The photorealistic graffiti created by El Mac is widely known on the streets, and his larger than life portraits are easily relayed by his two contributions for this show. The magnetic beauty of Ann Marshall's work features classical female portraits set in lavish interiors. Stephen Wright continues his exploration of his psychologically charged paintings. And Jonathan Yeo presents one of the evening highlights with a nude female figure created in his notorious collage style; cuttings from pornographic magazines.   Opening night attracted many guests to the gallery including Chaz Bojórquez, Natalia Fabia, Jessica Louise, plus many more. If you were unable to attend the opening enjoy the photos below, be sure to stop by Subliminal Projects and view the works in person. Show runs until June 4th.


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