Welcome to the latest art to emerge from the contemporary visionaries as seen through the eyes of Platinum Cheese. 

Culver City Artwalk 2011

Washington Boulevard was the place to be this past Saturday as Culver City welcomed art enthusiasts to its sixth annual artwalk. To kick things off to a warm and fuzzy start, Los Angeles artist Gary Baseman recreated his Giggle & Pop performance to an adoring crowd of fans.  Everyone young and old, small and tall,  soaked in the whimsical melody written by Carina Round  as they watched ChouChous and Wildgirls dance and frolic about in the Helms Bakery courtyard.  Afterwards, the audience played and posed for photos with the pink furries and adorable girls, earning Gary Baseman bandanas in the process.

Once the furry festivities subsided, the adventure continued down the boulevard.  First stop was Koplin Del Rio where Fred Stonehouse's modern folk art inspired paintings were on display.  So beautiful and haunting at the same time, Stonehouse's paintings with his freakish figures, lush vegetation and swampy wildlife, were like viewing Howard Finster, Salvador Dali, and Walton Ford all rolled into one.   

Next door at LeBasse Projects visitors were greeted with a larger than life Shark Toof mural on the outside of the gallery. It gave the crowds a few photo ops as well as an idea of what to expect for his upcoming show with the gallery on June 18th.  Inside guests marveled at the works of talented artists such as Herakut, Andrew Hem, Camille Rose Garcia, Edwin Ushiro, and Shepard Fairey (just to name a few). 

Thinkspace was full of great energy as DJ NumberOnederful provided good tunes while John Park painted live on the stoop of the gallery. Always ones to showcase innovative emerging artists, Thinkspace presented a group show featuring the works of How and Nosm, Jeff Ramirez, David Bray, Kelly Allen, plus many more.  However, the highlight of the show was an installation by Euth which could only be describe as an "urban shack" that was made entirely of materials found in the Los Angeles river.

Carmichael Gallery was next on the list with their Breach of Privacy exhibit that featured new works by Yasmine Chatila, Hilo Chen, Adam Krueger, Alyssa Monks, and Jaclyn Santos. Voyeurism was the buzz word amongst the crowds for this group show.  

Next, was to see what Mark Moore Gallery had in store. Crowds were fascinated by Mark Fox's installations of metalworks and intricate paper cut-outs.  In a corner of the project room was a tiny metal cage created by the artist inhabited by a live cricket. A bit odd, but fantastic nonetheless.

Last but not least, Blum & Poe presented brick sculptures by artist Zhang Huan.  Definitely an exhibit to be experienced in person, the gallery was filled with multiple large-scale pieces built from salvaged bricks, all taking the form of pigs and skulls. The centerpiece of the show entitled Pagoda, was a bell shaped structure with a taxidermy pig peering from its nook. 


It was an inspiring afternoon filled with awesome artwork and ChouChous & Wildgirls strolling up and down gallery row. Many thanks to the galleries, the artists, Gary Baseman, and Culver City for a wonderful Saturday.

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