Welcome to the latest art to emerge from the contemporary visionaries as seen through the eyes of Platinum Cheese. 

Spotlight On: Hips and Hair

Relative newcomer, Hips and Hair combines stencil with images of pin-up girls in newspaper collages, dripping with bloody paint splatters. His work explores pop-culture ideals of beauty and challenges our love/hate relationship with them rendering imagery that can be described as a morphing of modernist cubism that lends itself to a 80’s palette with a New-Wave feel.
Through my art I try to explore the phenomenon of western culture, and its’ impact on the world.  When it comes to popular culture, my work most often time despises, sometimes celebrates, and frequently finds itself in the middle, hypocritically showing how obtuse and frivolous it all is, while simultaneously celebrating its shiny allure. Drawing from pop-culture I find vintage imagery to be a more receptive weapon when vying for the attention of the public, mixed with as much energy and angst as I can muster, egged on by my love and passion for hardcore music.  Coming of age deeply rooted in the hardcore music scene, I quickly became fascinated, and ultimately made the personal choice to live a straight edge lifestyle. No drinking, no drugs, and no promiscuous sex are the code I choose to live my life by, and are invaluable to my work, as so much of our society are based around those three things that I am personally opposed to. ~Hips and Hair


Looking forward to: Shark Toof @ LeBasse Projects

Swoon | Thalassa @ New Orleans Museum of Art