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Looking forward to: Shark Toof @ LeBasse Projects

Not only is Los Angeles based artist, Shark Toof an ever present fixture on the streets, but he has gradually established himself as one of the bright new stars in Contemporary Art with his gallery work. His indoor art is ambitious, versatile, and embodies a technical brilliance than his traditional street art would suggest.  Simply put, Shark Toof rocks!   Nature Will Always Win marks the debut of Shark Toof with LeBasse Projects and incorporates his retro pulp comic aesthetic with his street-born style. The result is a bold and colorful palette coupled with a dense narrative depicting scenes of heroism, love and life, doom and recovery. Using animals to personify the inner voice, Shark Toof acknowledges our subconscious and forces the viewer to question what actions or pleasures do we suppress in order to gain acceptance.      Save the date:: Nature Will Always Win opens Saturday, June 18th 7-10pm

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