Welcome to the latest art to emerge from the contemporary visionaries as seen through the eyes of Platinum Cheese. 

Go See: Ryan McGinness @ Michael Kohn Gallery

On display at Michael Kohn Gallery is Ryan McGinness' first solo exhibit with the gallery entitled Recent Paintings, which includes vital pieces from various bodies of work along with new paintings. The exhibit displays an array of the artist's day-glo psychedelic and "slick" works that layer contemporary iconography to underscore McGinness' commentary on language, history, and symbolism.

It's hard not to argue that Ryan McGinness has taken a cue from Andy Warhol with his method of creating reproductions. But what differentiates McGinness's work from Warhol's is that the concept of reproductions is taken a step further by implementing original variables and creating unique experiences each time. Unlike Warhol, McGinness creates individual symbols by hand, vectorizes them to perfection, and then layers them to create a singular experience within each piece.
Often times, McGinness' layering has a tendency to be overworked as with Brain Drain or Submit to the Universe. The images become so dense it's difficult to connect with the piece and 'get into it'.  When the icons have more room to breathe--as in Pretending to Be Human and I'm a S'il Vous Playa--is when the paintings are at their best.  Less visual confusion.
Recent Paintings will be on display until July 1st, so be sure to view this important body of work in person and draw your own conclusions.

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