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Shark Toof | Nature Will Always Win @ LeBasse Projects

 On June 18th, Shark Toof debuted his highly anticipated first solo exhibit at LeBasse Projects entitled Nature Will Always Win.

Considered Shark Toof's strongest gallery work to date, Nature Will Always Win is brimming with retro war imagery and ferocious hybrid beasts with fangs reared so far back you can hear the roars bursting from each canvas.  Many of the half human, half animal characters within the works make eye contact with the viewer as if challenging them to join the fight or become their adversary. Undoubtedly the savage energy portrayed in We Are Tigers  is a stellar triumph and the most powerful piece in the collection. Another memorable piece is You Are a Cougar and a Panther which pulls inspiration from pulp comic romances as well as giving a nod to Lichtenstein. Each painting is accented with colorful spray paint lettering resulting in effortless blend of Shark Toof's painterly skills and his street-born aesthetic. 
Many artists and art enthusiasts were in attendance to help celebrate Shark Toof's solo exhibit. Enjoy the photos from opening night below, but be sure to stop by LeBasse Projects to view these powerful works in person. Show runs until July 9th.

Looking forward to: Zero to Sixty @ Corey Helford Gallery

'Round the Hood: Shark Toof on 3rd Street