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Andrew Hem | Cold Water @ LeBasse Projects

On display at LeBasse Projects is Andrew Hem’s second solo exhibit with the gallery entitled Cold Water, which includes an introspective series of new paintings dealing with themes of isolation and personal conflict. Hem states that the title "Cold Water" is a reference to that feeling of "being surrounded by cold situations and places."

The works in Cold Water  marks a transition from Hem's traditional illustration style to a more painterly one. Backgrounds and landscapes are given equal (or in some cases more) attention than in previous works, allowing the solitary figures to breathe and simultaneously blend in their surrounding. Bursts of crimson and lavender spark visual interest in paintings dominated by iridescent hues of blue. The use of text and a furry hybrid creature (resembling a Jeff Soto character) in a couple of the paintings seem a bit misplaced, but can be attributed as a nod to Hem's graffiti roots. 
Andrew Hem's new works garnered much praise from colleagues and collectors alike, and rightfully so!  Many were in attendance opening night to help celebrate including Yoskay Yamamoto, Edwin Ushiro, Mia, Shark Toof, David Bray, Tran Nguyen, and Joshua Petker.  
Enjoy the opening night photos by Orn Thang. Cold Water will be on display until August 13th, so be sure to view this body of work in person. 





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