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'Round the Hood: Vhils in Venice

Portuguese street artist, Vhils is in town and he's getting straight to work. Usually street artists create their pieces by making an impression on a surface, but Vhils (aka Alexandre Farto) makes his mark by destroying the surface of a wall. The end result is both beautiful and powerful.

In anticipation of the upcoming group show at Post No Bills entitled European Bailout, Vhils created this stunning portrait on the side of the gallery's new Venice location. Other artists featured in the show are Antony Micallef, Conor Harrington, Ian Francis, Jonathan Yeo, JR, Mode2, Paul Insect, Stanley Donwood, Vhils, and Zevs. Amazing line-up, so be sure to check it out! Show opens Thursday, July 28th.
All photos by Patrick Iaconis of C.A.V.E. gallery in Venice.





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