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Post 9-11 @ OH WOW Gallery

Post 9-11, a group exhibition distinct of a decade and definitive of an era at OH WOW Gallery. The work of the nine artists represented (Dan ColenTerence Koh,Hanna LidenNate LowmanAdam McEwenRyan McGinleyAgathe SnowDash Snow, and Aaron Young) sidestep categorization into a particular movement or style; yet speak to a distinct history through their highly individual, visual dialogue, which includes painting, photography, sculpture, and installation.

Creating imagery, which at times expressed a shared, youthful freedom, also responds to their experience of these ten years; work that ranges from defiant, irreverent, destructive, to sublime, utopian, and emotive. For example, a two-dimensional piece by Dan Colen, Blop!, 2011, fabricated from tar and feathers adhered to canvas, appears chaotic and abject. It references both the barbaric and archaic act of social punishment, while also interjecting concepts of materiality, and the visual effects of using unorthodox media in painting. Conversely, in its sublimity, Ryan McGinley’s photograph Tom (Golden Tunnel), 2010, is a surreal and cinematically arranged image of a nude, male figure in a train tunnel. It is as transcendent in its ethereal treatment as it is existential in its choreography and open-ended narrative.

These brief examples articulate that as a whole, the work in this exhibition is effective in its ability to translate the myriad reactions possible in light of a connected reality. No two experiences can be exact in their expression, however, their aesthetic approaches, although disparate, present a visual memoir of a notable era. Reluctant in yielding to definition, yet decidedly American, Post 9-11 presents an epitome of a creative group, and characterizes the mood and complexities of this decade.




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