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Spotlight On: Artist Nom Kinnear King

My oil paintings focus on female characters with heavy brows and jelly bright eyes that stare outwardly from the stories they inhabit, their world suspended between reality and imagination.

I use personal possessions and observations to form each painting, along with my imagination. Objects I have come across are often the catalyst for a picture, many being treasures from my family home or local salvage yard. I gather inspiration in my trusty notebook from many avenues. I've always had a magpie's eye for things of the circus, of Vaudeville, and Parisian. I collect cultural imagery anywhere from South america to Eastern Europe, from all sorts of music and literature, like Tom Waits, Angela Carter, and Isabel Allende, who create great magical worlds. I studied fine art print at Norwich School of art and Design and, although I am currently based in the Norfolk countryside, I soon plan to move back to Brighton. ~ Nom Kinnear King (from the August 2011 issue of Juxtapoz)


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