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Dabs Myla | The Best of Times @ Thinkspace

To walk into Thinkspace Gallery last Saturday night was to enter the whimsical world of dynamic duo Dabs Myla. Still deeply in love and as charming as ever, the insatiable couple brought their A game as always and took patrons on a California street art adventure, this time with an intimate twist. The show was, after all, based on two and half years worth of loving memories. Fittingly, it was titled The Best of Times.


Adoring viewers were taken on a trip down memory lane via trademark paintings, drawings, and massive installations comprised of 3D objects. From hanging diamonds (i.e. engagement rings) to personal photographs and inanimate objects brought to life through a little cheeky humor, the artistic twosome proved they're as vital and inseparable as ever. If you consider yourself even a mild fan of Dabs Myla or street art in general, you'll find much to enjoy at Thinkspace this month.














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