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Brett Amory | White Light @ Gallery Anno Domini

Bretty Amory is presenting a new body of work this Friday at Gallery Anno Domini entitled White Light.  In his upcoming exhibit, Amory expands upon his forlorn urbanites by depicting his subjects with independence and free of scrutiny. Check out the video below by Shaun Roberts of Brett playing the drums in his studio.  And if you're in San Jose Friday night, be sure to check out Brett's artwork as well.

This new group of paintings continues to capture an individual’s struggle to exist in the present moment and the continued state of detachment from one’s surrounding environment. However, this new body of work depicts an element of freedom, as the subjects strive to transcend consciousness and human existence: freedom of thought, freedom of perception, freedom to create one’s own narrative. If reality is relative and bound to the subject’s own existence and subject to the judgment of others, this work reminds us that there is a choice. While White Light exposes the limitations one faces when they are defined by their limited perceptions and the gaze of others, the viewer is reminded that there is hope for absolute freedom over our existence and essence.

~ Gallery Anno Domini

Amory Drums from Shaun Roberts on Vimeo.

Studio visit with Korin Faught