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Heroes & Villains Book Signing Party

Friends, fans and artists alike were in good spirits at Launch LA for the Heroes & Villains book signing party, where everyone celebrated with monographs open and sharpies ready for action. Many artists left not only signatures in their wake, but gifted each guest with a memorable sketch as well. From the naughty phallic drawings of Johnny Ryan to Gary Baseman transforming into his beloved Venison Girl to the Clayton Brothers surreal self-portraits, each artist's unique creativity leapt off the pages and further demonstrated why they were asked to partake in the first place.

It was six years ago that photographers Tatiana Wills and Roman Cho joined artistic forces to create a photographic portrait series shining a spotlight on some of the most fascinating personalities in the alt gallery, street and comics art scene. The result of that effort was Heroes and Villains. Years of photo shoots, contact sheets, mock-ups of gallery exhibitions and the book's layout were on display in the main gallery for everyone to enjoy and share in the journey from beginning to end. Most notable were the extra images of Liz McGrath due to the camera's love of Liz's expressive personality. Upon viewing photos of Liz in a vintage plaid dress and then seeing equally enthralling shots of her in a black & white bikini (which didn't make the cut), one could quickly grasp just how difficult the editing process was for Tatiana and Roman.

If you were unable to attend the signing, we hope you have as much fun viewing the photos below as we did taking them. And for those who reside in the New York area, stay tuned for signing details. It's in the works.


Made in Polaroid

Looking forward to: Yoskay Yamamoto @ LeBasse Projects