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KAWS | Hold the Line @ Honor Fraser

On display at Honor Fraser is the latest exhibition by graffiti artist turned fine artist KAWS entitled Hold the Line.  The artist's second solo with the gallery includes highly stylized paintings and sculptures comprised of the iconic animation imagery he's known for.  While KAWS' previous show focused on his Kurf characters, Hold the Line centers around variations of  his Spongebob Squarepants inspired KAWSBob and his larger than life Mickey Mouse-esque Companion pieces.

Approximately fifty small circular paintings featuring extreme close-ups of KAWSBob are found in the adjoining exhibition space. Utilizing a unconventional canvas shape not only echos the non-traditional subject but emulates the cartoonish facial features as well;  the curved lines of eyeballs, eyelids and bulbous nose. In stark contrast to the collection of tondo paintings is a massive triptych seen in the main gallery. Created in a palette dominated by fluorescent reds and pinks, the large work gives the feeling of an animated explosion of planks, bricks and KAWSBob bits. Complimenting this enormous work are two equally impressive Companion sculptures that posses his signature x-ed out eyes and puffy wing-like ears.  With these figures, KAWS presents one Companion in whole and  gives the viewer a peek inside the other. Inside and out, these gigantic toy-like figures are flawless in design.

Hold the Line runs until October 22nd. Be sure to view these works in person and if you have little ones who are avid lovers of cartoons, bring them along. This exhibit would be a great introduction into the art scene.

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