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New Work by Mark Penner-Howell @ Walker Fine Art

Walker Fine Art opened a new show featuring a fresh body of work by Mark Penner-Howell.  These are the first paintings with Bobbi Walker taking on the role of his new representation in Denver, Colorado.  We were excited to find an interesting carryover from his last works and the same bold use of color, mixed with provocative new themes.  The show runs from September 16th through November 4th, 2011.

Mark Penner-Howell, in his own words, “For me, the creation of a painting is an exercise in manipulating pictorial context to suggest new readings of familiar icons. The aim is to create a kind of visual ‘mash-up’ where surprising narratives emerge from an unlikely combination of source materials. Usually, I end up nudging the paintings toward certain satirical themes that comment on human recklessness and naiveté, but which are accomplished in a way that is both hopeful and sympathetic.

In this series of paintings I’m exploring the darker aspects of desire and attachment via the four classical “root” elements: earth, air, fire and water. The choice to use an arcane and outmoded thought-construct as a thematic overlay seemed a natural fit with the murky psychological territory of human desire. These paintings are an exercise in free-associating familiar but unexpected images in an attempt to illuminate enigmatic matters of the heart. The noir overtones are meant to heighten a sense of uncertainty. Themes of longing, vulnerability, and entanglement pervade.”

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For more information visit: www.WalkerFineArt.com and www.PennerHowell.com

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