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Go See: Gosha Levochkin | Cluster Mess @ Hold-Up Art

Cluster Mess refers to Gosha’s approach to the urban landscape, something that has always intrigued him. His work often strives to capture the aging of a building through the effects of time or use, and how people live among the dense clutter of the city and make it work, while still maintaining an underlying sense of humor. His fans have come to expect playful and thought-provoking compositions. This new collection of paintings from Gosha is marked by a conscious departure from his previous works in palette and narrative.

“My palette is different this time. I wanted to add more colors and I kind of let them do their own thing,” says Gosha of Cluster Mess. “I also added a storyline to my characters which is something that I haven’t done before. My installation will be a good example of showing how everything is disconnected yet connected at the same time.”

Cluster Mess runs until October 5th at Hold-Up Art.



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