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The "F" List Interview with Laurie Lipton

Foreword After living abroad for a number of years, artist, Laurie Lipton now resides in sunny Los Angeles. Her quick wit and playful personality make the dark themes of her intricate pencil drawings all the more fascinating. It can truly be said that death becomes her, as she has created a shadowy world where every day is The Day of The Dead. She is the subject of an upcoming documentary and has a much anticipated solo show of her work opening at NY's Last Rites Gallery on October 1st, appropriately enough, just in time for Halloween.


Rick Galiher: Fights (What artistic battles have you been faced with?)

Laurie Lipton: Fighting the fashions of the moment.  I was told by my professor at University that figurative art went out in the Middle Ages, and I was told by art critics in England that my work was "too narrative".


Fame (How do you feel about being a recognizable name?)

Fabulously unaware of it.


Favoritism (Do feel it is hard to break into the art world?)

Frankly I haven't tried to break into any world... I'm too busy drawing.


Fortune (Are you in this for the money?)

Funny! Creating disturbing black & white pencil drawings is not a clever way to go about it.


Fate (Do you believe in it?)

Figures only when things are going well.


drawing on paper by Laurie Lipton

Fans (How would you categorize your fans and collectors?)

Fanatical people with ferociously good taste.


Frontiers (How do you want to advance art?)

Find that I don't want to advance art... only contribute to it.


Format (What other art medium are you interested in trying?)



Freedom (As a working artist, what do you enjoy most about your freedom to create?)

Freedom to create is, in itself, a blessing. It beats waitressing for a living.

Laurie Lipton skeletons

Frustration (What about the art world do you find frustrating?)

Flashy adoration of the trite.


Fudge (What is the curse word you tend to use the most?)



Firsts (When and what was the first piece of art you sold and how did it feel?)

Frustrated. I sold my first piece of art to my high school at the age of 15 and my mother framed the check. I would have rather spent it.


Food (What is your favorite meal or restaurant?)


Fun (What do you do for fun and in your free time?)

Fuck all.


Family (How much does family influence your work?)

Phenomenally... I spent 20 years drawing my relationship with my mother.


Faith (What is yours?)

Fundamentally private.


Fantasy (How does your art feed your fantasies?)

Firmly doesn't : it's the other way around.


Friends (Do you tend to hang out with a lot of fellow artists or your collectors?)

Fellow artists are fun but I rarely hang out.


Fuck-ups (If you could go back, would you have approached your craft differently?)

Felt that one thing leads to the next. It all makes its own sense & there are no "mistakes".


Future (What shows / projects / work is on the horizon for you?)

Following on with a theme I enjoy (The Day of the Dead), I have a show at the Last Rites Gallery in NYC opening on Oct. 1st called "The Carnival of Death".


Follow (Where can an art enthusiast track what you’re up to?)

Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/laurieliptonart), or go to www.laurielipton.com


Fill-in (Now is your chance to play word association…)

  • Fall________foul
  • Flesh_______feast
  • Force_______field
  • Fresh_______face
  • Fatal________flaw
  • Fast________food
  • Fat_________free
  • Frumpy_____fashions
  • Flaimin’_____Flamingos
  • Fine________fettle
  • Far_________fetched
  • Fruit________field
  • Farm________fence
  • Full of_______fucking "F"s


Finish (Is there anything else you’d like to add?)

Feature "G"s next time.



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