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Morgan Slade | They Live By Night @ LeBasse Projects :: Chinatown

Considered perhaps one of the greatest eras in U.S. history for popular culture, the 1980's was a decade of decadence with sex, drugs and rock n' roll.  Known as the Me generation, it was a time when "Greed was good", we were desperately seeking the Material Girl, Guns n' Roses were welcoming us to the jungle and nothing came between us and our Calvins. Los Angeles based artist, Morgan Slade, taps into this era of excess in his latest exhibit and celebrates the influences that shaped his youth and how those influences still linger in his adult life.

Slade's second solo show with LeBasse Projects displays an array of the artist's signature photo-collaged mixed media paintings, hand embellished silkscreens and introduces a collaboration series with respected rock photographer Norman Wonderly.  All the works involve symbolic shorthand of corporate logos and brand identities that defined a generation; Mickey Mouse, Louis Vitton, Hello Kitty, Darth Vader and Storm Troopers. The concept of anchoring these pieces with strong and empowering images of the female form, engages the viewer to confront the symbolism illustrated behind her. As a result, we find and acknowledge a shared cultural vocabulary that presents instant identity and community.

Another highlight in the exhibit includes found cassette tape covers depicting 80's rock icons such as Madonna, Whitesnake and Warrant where Slade incorporates his special touch.

The powerful imagery in the exhibit embraces a period in history that may be lost, but will never be forgotten. So mousse up your hair, put on your jellies and squeeze into that spandex to check out Morgan Slade's They Live By Night at LeBasse Projects :: Chinatown. Show runs until October 22nd.




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