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Beyond Eden Art Fair 2011

The third edition of Beyond Eden brought out a slew of artists and art enthusiasts alike at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery on opening night.  Six Los Angeles galleries presented some of the most fascinating work in the New Contemporary Art scene. Participating galleries included C.A.V.E. Gallery, Copro Gallery, Gallery Nucleus, La Luz de Jesus, Thinkspace and Toy Art Gallery. From the macabre to the delightful, from street art to popular culture references, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

An award presentation honoring the work of lowbrow pioneer Anthony Ausgang kicked off the evening festivites. Ausgang humbly accepted the award with a speech expressing how fortunate he's been to be able to create art and make a living in the process. As Ausgang is the third artist to be recognized, he's definitely in esteemed company with previous honorees Billy Shire and Robert Williams.

One of the most talked about pieces at the event was Wayne Martin Belger's skull camera. As part of La L'uz de Jesus's 25th Anniversary preview, Belger created a functional camera made from a human skull and adorned it with precious gems such as rubies and sapphires. The camera's lens peer from the skull's eye sockets and produces photos with an eerie cinematic quality which were on display for guests to appreciate.

Two other notables were the Quentin vs Coen Round IIIexhibit curated by Ken Harman and the Creator/Spectatorexhibit curated by LA street artist Euth.Quentin vs Coentaps into popular culture and pays homage to two of the most influential filmmakers of our generation; Quentin Tarantino and The Coen Brothers. Countless artists presented their take on film favorites such as Kill BillThe Big Lebowski,Pulp Fictionand Country for Old Men.  Creator/Spectatorfeatured some of LA's most intriguing street artists in the scene including Nomade, Cryptik, Smogcity and Euth himself. A great representation of artists whose work translates in a gallery setting as well as being awe inspiring on the streets.

All in all, this year's Beyond Eden was a successful collaboration that brought a myriad of art lovers together. Enjoy our photos of the festivities below. For additional pictures from the opening, check out Thinkspace's flicker.


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