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Looking forward to: Ray Caesar @ Corey Helford

As huge admirers of Ray Caesar's beautiful yet haunting imagery, we were excited to learn of the digital genius' upcoming solo show on October 22nd at Corey Helford GalleryA Dangerous Inclination delves deeper into Caesar's psyche to reveal the difficult and wonderful childhood memories the artist has "tucked away" 45 years ago. Caesar's works are a reflection of his subconscious mind and path to self-discovery. “I take difficult memories and hidden emotions and turn them into something that atfirst glance seems pretty, then you notice something a little disturbing or an ingredient that you wonder why it might be there,” Caesar explains. “A little tainted, a little melancholy, a little funny, a little sad and a little taboo… I mix this with clocks and scissors and irons and knives and silk dresses hiding strange things underneath.”

Save the date: A Dangerous Inclination opens Saturday, October 22nd 7-10pm at CHG

Also... read our interview with Ray Caesar on Hi-Fructose. Here Ray talks about the inspiration behind his latest works, the artists who inspire him and what he plans to do with all those digital files stored in his computer.


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