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Pure Logo @ New Image Art

On October 22nd, New Image Art opened an exhibit curated by Los Angeles artist Skullphone entitled Pure Logo. Featuring Evan Gruzis, Curtis Kulig, Takeshi Murata, Cleon Peterson, Skullphone, Paul Wackers and Hugh Zeigler, Pure Logo "explores the omnipresence, necessity, form and functionality of logos as they metamorphose to communicate within increasingly brief discourses."

The diverse group of artists presented new works in a multitude of mediums including bronze, film, ink & watercolor, and aluminum. Evan Gruzis displayed technically rigorous ink and watercolor paintings that combine seductive light and absurd, vacuous pop imagery. Curtis Kulig, who is best known for his "love me" phrase that obsessively covers his canvases and the streets of New York, created a bronze sculpture (painted in black) of his signature verbiage. Takeshi Murata showed an extraordinary film of digital works that refigures the experience of animation. Known for his dark (and often times violent) figure aesthetic,  Cleon Peterson displayed black & white geometric pieces. Skullphone departed from his skull + cellphone imagery and presented two aluminum globes inspired by AT&T's logo.  His use of pointillism to create the universal trademark, also mimics his digital  billboards above the streets of Los Angeles. Paul Wackers mixed media contribution is rooted in inventive means of figuration. And Hugh Zeigler confronts the intersection between painter and viewer with his abstract mixed media artwork.

Be sure to stop by New Image Art and view the artwork in person. Exhibit runs until December 10th.

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