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Hi-Fructose Interview with Lily Mae Martin

The figurative works of Lily Mae Martin are a seamless blend of dual forces. They are delicately rendered yet aggressive in nature, uncluttered in presentation yet complicated in scope, dark in tone but definitely not humorless. With every elastic push and pull of an expressive face or awkward pose, Lily Mae explores feminist, sexual and emotive themes while simultaneously capturing both the subject’s vulnerability and strengths.

I recently had the honor of interviewing the Berlin based artist for Hi-Fructose. Here Lily Mae Martin talks about the obstacles she overcame to become an artist, the painters who inspire her and the new outlook motherhood has given her.

Read the entire interview here.

Martin is one of many artists featured in the 'Femme Fatale' group exhibit opening February 25th at Cella Gallery. For more details, visit our show info page.


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