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Herakut @ LeBasse Projects :: Chinatown

The German art duo Herakut are in Los Angeles preparing for their upcoming exhibit entitled ‘After the Laughter’, debuting at LeBasse Projects :: Chinatown on February 25th.

The exhibition will feature a new series of sculptures, photography and wall installations by the artists. In conjunction with the opening, Herakut will also be releasing their second book also titled “After the Laughter” – with a signing from 6-7pm.

After a period of producing a series of work on canvas and showing in ‘white wall’ style exhibitions, Herakut returns to an approach like their early years in presenting a fully immersive installation. The exhibition will showcase new original paintings, drawings, photography and a series of sculptures.

'After the Laughter' opens Saturday, February 25th from 7-10pm with a book signing from 6-7pm.

LeBasse Projects :: Chinatown 932 Chung King Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90012 lebasseprojects.com

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