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Femme Fatale @ Cella Gallery

Guests were seduced, ensnared and dangerously dazzled last Saturday night as Cella Gallery debuted 'Femme Fatale'. Curated by Nicole Bruckman and Stephanie Chefas, 'Femme Fatale' features 39 new contemporary artists whose inherent aethetic is heavily influenced by the female figure. From Realism to Illustration, from Sculpture to Photography, the show explores how individual perceptions of feminine allure can be expressed through each artists' specific genre. An archetype in both history and art, the femme fatale is a timeless figure whose mysterious beauty has inspired artists for generations. After all, who doesn't remember the vivid baroque depictions of Judith Beheading Holofernes from their art history classes? As this exhibit demonstrates, the inspiration provided by women like Judith has only gained momentum and scope with time.

From Apricot Mantle's excessive take on Japanese horror to Chrystal Chan's vivid portrait of a young girl with a tiny deer in the palm of her hands, each work in the show is a piece to the puzzle of mysterious feminine allure. The utter lack of repetition proves that the femme fatale--like both women and danger itself--can take an endless variety of forms and often strike when you least expect it.

To view the exhibit online, visit stephaniechefas.com. To view the works in person, visit Cella Gallery in North Hollywood. Show runs until March 17th 2012.

*All photos by Sam Graham

Femme-Fatale-Sarah Folkman Sarah Folkman

Femme-Fatale-Shannon Currie Holmes and Jeff Ramirez Shannon Currie Holmes and Jeff Ramirez

Femme-Fatale-Aaron-Nagel Aaron Nagel

Femme-Fatale-Ken Garduno Ken Garduno

Femme-Fatale-Morgan Slade Morgan Slade

Femme-Fatale-Guests admiring David Bray artwork Guests admiring David Bray's work

Femme-Fatale-Linnea Strid Linnea Strid

Femme-Fatale-Cristina-Natsu Christina Paulos


Femme-Fatale-Cate Rangel and Jose Carabes

Femme-Fatale-Casey Weldon Casey Weldon

Femme-Fatale-Stella-Im-Hult Stella Hultberg

Femme-Fatale-Nom-Kinnear-Ki Nom Kinnear King

Femme-Fatale-Sherri Trahan and Cristina Natsuko Paulos Sherri Trahan and Cristina Paulos

Femme-Fatale-JAW Cooper and Kris Moore JAW Cooper and Kristen Moore

Femme-Fatale-Mr. Numberonederful Mr. Numberonederful


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