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Gregory Siff | There & Back @ Siren Studios

On March 1st, Siren Studios debuted Gregory Siff's latest collection of work entitled, 'There & Back', which includes his signature Pop/Abstract paintings along with a collaborative installation with students from the non-profit organization, Communities in School.The exhibit displays Siff's unique technique and application of ink stains, spray, marker tags, knife etchings and poetry. Blurring the lines between Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism, Siff's work embodies the art of the eighties while presenting the viewer a visual map of his reality; drawing from experience, conquest, loss and love.

Garnering much attention in the rooftop gallery was a large wall displaying rows of Siff's signature stylized faces. Each visage is accompanied by a descriptive term and accented with the artist's trademark color palette of red, blue and yellow. Another highlight of the night was a wall installations, featuring stickers in primary hues reminiscent of the territorial markings used by street artists. View more images and opening night photos below.

Photos by Jennifer Strauss for Platinum Cheese


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