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Sneak Peek: Jim Houser @ LeBasse Projects

On March 10th, LeBasse Projects will present Jim Houserʼs new exhibition, ʻAs Quiet As Itʼs Keptʼ. With this collection, the artist returns to Los Angeles with an insightful array of works ranging from canvas paintings, mixed media compositions and installations. Here, Houser continues his perpetual examination of self-exploration and the meditative peace found in quietness compared to the joys of sound.

Through each whimsical character and play of words, the artist creates a visual dialog filled with personal and emotional tension. Inspired by his son, Houser also explores the impact of fatherhood and the new responsibilities faced. Within this body of work, the artist beautifully weaves the idea of our nature to protect and the experience of witnessing growth of the ones we love.

Saturday, March 10th 6-9pm LeBasse Projects 6023 Washington Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90232 lebasseprojects.com

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