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Kenny Scharf 'Hodgepodge' @ Honor Fraser

On April 14th, Honor Fraser debuted Kenny Scharf's second solo exhibit with the gallery entitled Hodgepodge, which includes a Cosmic Cavern installation, a customized Cadillac and sculptures along with new paintings. The exhibit displays an array of the artist’s bold, sci-fi works that layer 1950's inspired pop iconography.

The legendary street artist continues his assault on the art world with a brigade of cartoon y, blob-like characters that evoke perceptions of melancholy or joy on each desired canvas.  In his The New and Improved Ultima Suprema Deluxa (2012), Scharf's powder blue Cadillac installation is decked out with Jetson and Flintstone characters and ready to ride out the Apocalypse while it crashes into another sculpture, Pinicaboom (2012).   As the title suggests, Pinicaboom is a functioning picnic table with an atomic mushroom cloud as its umbrella.  The Cosmic Cavern is another one of his infamous installations where Scharf transforms gallery space into a black light disco room filled with found objects painted in neon hues. Whether it’s household appliances, common detritus, cartoon characters, or automobiles, Scharf finds value in our outdated cultural artifacts, offering them an alternative existence in his psychedelic, Hodgepodge world.

Hodgepodge will be on display until May 19th at Honor Fraser, so be sure to view this important body of work in person.

Photos by Jennifer Leigh Strauss for Platinum Cheese.


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