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Opening Night: Buff Monster 'Legend of the Pink Cherry' @ Corey Helford

On April 14th, Los Angeles street artist Buff Monster celebrated his birthday and a new collection of works entitled 'Legend of the Pink Cherry' at Corey Helford Gallery.

Buff's fifth solo with the gallery draws inspiration from Renaissance paintings while weaving the classic narrative of good vs evil and introduces us to a new heroic ice cream character. This coned crusader with skinny arms and legs valiantly battles the green cyclops demons in an effort to protect his people's source of power; a gigantic pink cherry.  As with most struggles, there are casualties of war and this story is no exception as  many soft serve villagers are transformed into zombies by the winged beasts. In the end, however, the warrior slays the evil creatures thus emerging victorious.

In addition to the narrative paintings, Buff Monster released 'The Melty Misfits'; a trading card series that pays homage to the Garbage Pail Kids cards that he passionately collected  as a kid.  The original works for the 60 cards were on display in the loft. Keeping in the spirit of the GPK, each 5 x7 acrylic  painting embodied such names as 'Undead Ned' and 'Ralphin Ralph'.

'Legend of the Pink Cherry' runs until May 5th, so be sure to check out the new works in person.

Photos by Jennifer Leigh Strauss for Platinum Cheese



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