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Sneak Peek: Meryl Pataky @ LeBasse Projects Chinatown

On April 28th, LeBasse Projects in Chinatown will debut ‘Future Sailor’, a solo exhibition by San Francisco based artist, Meryl Pataky.

ʻFuture Sailorʼ is a commentary on universal connection – creating a discussion of beginnings and endings by introducing cyclical imagery and concepts of existence. Pataky blends psychological and biological themes to bring attention to a universal order and its unbreakable pattern. This order and connection is applied to the basic pattern of life and death and expands to include subjective ideas of emotion, relationships, language and experience.

Pataky combines a range of materials that tell a chronological story from their birthplace to their existence.

Saturday, April 28th 7-10pm LeBasse Projects :: Chinatown 932 Chung King Rd Los Angeles, CA 90012 lebasseprojects.com



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