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Lily Mae Martin 'Brutally Beautiful' @ Neon Chocolate

On May 5th, Neon Chocolate Gallery in Berlin will present 'Brutally Beautiful', the first solo exhibition in three years by Lily Mae Martin. The exhibition will display various body of works Martin has been working on for the past year and signifies a new focus from autobiographical imagery to depicting the individuality of others.

The artist's introduction into motherhood can be directly linked to this new found inspiration. "Becoming a mother means you have to forget yourself a lot," explains Martin.  "I've always found other people fascinating, but never had the confidence in exploring them in my own way - knowing that they would see it. In going through birth and bringing a baby into this world, my perspective completely changed. I no longer felt disconnected from my body - I became more aware of my mortality and my limited time here. I think now I am able to accept people for who they are and not place my ideals on them. I can also let go of my anxieties about other people judging me."

Saturday, May 5th  at 7pm Neon Chocolate Gallery 23 street Lychener 10437 Berlin, Germany neonchocolate.de




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