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Morgan Spurlock's 'New Blood' @ Thinkspace Gallery

Documentary filmmaker and avid art collector, Morgan Spurlock recently made his curatorial debut at Thinkspace Gallery featuring 13 artists who single handedly changed the contemporary art world and their respected protégé in an exhibit entitled 'New Blood'.

"The concept of the show is how the torch is passed from one artist to the next." notes Spurlock. "One opens the door so another can follow. And this show is all about artists who I think have and are continuing to impact and change the art world, and each one of these artists is bringing along an 'apprentice' or 'protege' who they think we all need to know about, the artists they believe are the 'New Blood' of the art world."

The exhibition displays an impressive roster of talented artists such as Ron English, The Date Farmers, Jonathan Yeo, Morgan Slade, Mark Jenkins and Shepard Fairey. If you haven't checked out the works in person, we strongly encourage that you do so. 'New Blood' runs until May 19th.

Photos courtesy of Sam Graham

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