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Doze Green 'Luminosity in the Dark Rift' @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

On display at Jonathan LeVine Gallery is Doze Green's fourth solo show with the gallery entitled 'Luminosity in the Dark Rift' which includes a new series of mixed media works on panel, canvas and paper. The exhibit showcases an array of the artist's signature aesthetic of figurative abstraction, organic cubism, fluid line work and stylized letterforms that highlights Green's intuitive creative process.

Green describes his work as “a fusion of universal law and ethereal dreams.” His kinetic imagery conveys ever-changing narratives with infinite interpretations. Influenced by ancient civilizations, indigenous cultures and his own Afro-Caribbean roots, the artist’s totem-like human and animal figures represent polytheistic deities as well as the general populace of humanity, past and present. Through his paintings, Green explores a number of esoteric themes and metaphysical concepts including cosmology, mysticism, language, code systems, matter, anti-matter, the unseen and the void.

'Luminosity in the Dark Rift' will be on display until June 16th, so be sure to view Doze Green's latest body of work in person.



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