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Yellena James 'Instill' @ Gallery Hijinks

On June 2nd, Gallery Hijinks debuted a solo exhibition of new works and installations by Yellena James. The artist creates wild, multi-layered landscapes full of detailed design, morphing into a beautifully chaotic mess of organic structures. Gradually and slowly, drop-by-drop, Yellena James instills new imaginary elements generating their own systems and laws of coexistence.

In this body of works, Yellena introduces a vibrant color palate including pinks, turquoise blues, bright yellow-greens and purples. Her fanciful environments range from intimate pen and ink drawings on paper to larger acrylic paintings. Dense compositions of carefully selected imagery invite the viewer to closely examine the works and follow every little line, discovering something new yet strangely familiar.

Three dimensional objects made of paper and connected with brightly colored thread capture a single moment in an abstract world where all elements intertwine with each other; an expression of the artist’s creative thought process. Although her works result in a neatly tied together image, James never begins her pieces with an exact plan or a sketch. Often the works come from an instinctual and emotional sense.

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