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Souther Salazar 'You and Me (and the Mouse in the Moon)' @ Narwhal Projects

On view at Narwhal Projects is Souther Salazar's (interviewed) first solo exhibit with the gallery entitled 'You and Me (and the Mouse in the Moon)'.  Known for his highly imaginative story telling aesthetic, the artist's latest body of work draws from a loose, poetic narrative Salazar wrote that traces the shared dreamy existence of two protagonists. In it this unnamed twosome tentatively shift between joyful, cloistered domesticity, and extending themselves into the greater world, discovering that there is more of the same wonder and beauty to be found:

a secret bridge slowly unfolds from this world to the next

'You and Me (and the Mouse in the Moon)' runs until July 15th. Be sure to check out the works in person if you're in the Toronto area. All photos courtesy of the gallery.

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