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'Letters from America' Project with Ron English, Risk, TrustoCorp and Saber

Legendary graffiti and street artists, Ron English, Risk and TrustoCorp invaded British soil this June as they worked tirelessly creating outdoors installations at the gateway to the 2012 Summer Olypmics, the London Pleasure Gardens. The installations, which were unveiled on June 30th, are part of  Corey Helford Gallery’s "Letters from America" project. Below we have some behind- the- scenes photos of the artists in action.  Some highlights include Risk vandalizing a bus and the nose of a military bomer craft, Ron English creating a custom billboard, and TrustoCorp painting a large-scale mural along with a series of signs. All photos courtesy of Butterfly.

"Letters from America" will continue on July 4th with a gallery exhibition at Shoreditch’s Black Rat Gallery . The exhibition transforms the London tunnel into a bunker of America’s most wanted artists, showcasing new works from Ron English, Risk , TrustoCorp and Los Angeles graffiti legend, Saber.

The outdoor installations will be on view until December 2013 and the gallery exhibition runs through July 18th. If you're in London, be sure to check out the works in person.

London Pleasure Gardens Gate 1 North Woolwich Rd London E16 2BS

Black Rat Gallery Through Cargo Garden Arch 461, 83 Rivington Street London EC2A 3AY


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