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Sneak Peek: Laurie Lipton @ ACE Gallery

Highly acclaimed artist, Laurie Lipton (interviewed) will debut her first solo exhibition with ACE Gallery this July entitled 'L.A. Sous-Real'.  With her most recent drawings, Lipton challenges superficial intelligence and conformist associations by depicting her bizarre encounters after relocating to Los Angeles from London. "I am in the peculiar position of being a foreigner in my own country", states Lipton. "I just moved back to the USA after living in Europe for 36 years (more than half my life). This show is about my first impressions of this new found home . They (the drawings) try to capture the psychological underbelly of everyday reality. 'L.A. Sous-Real' is a passionate response to Los Angeles, my strange and other-worldly city".

Saturday, July 14th 7-9pm ACE Gallery - Los Angeles 5514 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036 www.acegallery.net




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