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Print Release: Josh Keyes 'Sirens'

On July 16th, Josh Keyes will release his latest print titled 'Sirens'. The print is signed and numbered with an edition of 150 on archival Giclee Optima One 100% cotton paper (300 gsm weight, sized at 18"x24" with deckled edges.

According to folklore, manatees were often times mistaken by early explorers to be mermaids (sirens of the sea) who were known to have a dangerously seductive  reputation. Inspired by the aquatic legend, Keyes presents the mammals swimming around a half sunken statue of one of our country's founding fathers, George Washington. Graffiti elements are depicted on the statue's base as well as a Kaleidoscope of butterflies hovering around the regal figure symbolizing change.

For more info, visit joshkeyes.net


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